Accident policy features

- This is an unnamed policy.
- Scope of coverage: European Union, Andorra and Switzerland, with the possibility of extension to worldwide coverage upon consultation.
- Coverage 24 hours a day.
- Including "in itinere" coverage up to the place where the specific activity begins.

The following are included:

- The expenses of transferring the injured party, by ambulance or emergency team, or others, to the nearest Hospital or Emergency Center.
- The expenses of the injured party for the use of the most suitable means of transport to follow the most appropriate treatment, at the discretion of the attending physician or team, to the prescribed Hospital Center, his usual place of residence in Spain or place of commencement of the trip and/or activities.
- Always within the territorial scope of coverage and up to the sum insured, a medical aircraft specially equipped for this purpose may also be used.
- In the event of the Insured's death, the Insurance Company shall be responsible for the organization and transfer of the body to the place of burial in Spain. It shall bear the expenses thereof, including those of post-mortem conditioning, in accordance with current legislation.

- Death due to accident: 12.000€.
- Absolute permanent disability: 24.000€.
- Assistance expenses in subsidized centers: unlimited.
- Assistance expenses in non-subsidized centers: 12.000€.
-Rescue in case of loss: 12.000€.

- Those over 70 years of age will be excluded from the disability guarantee.
- The policy will cease to be effective for those over 75 years of age.