Alta Ruta in your territory

Do you want a Alta Ruta in your territory?

Do you belong to a territory with a multitude of routes and would like to create a multi-day trekking route?

We design it for you! We create a mountain route that stands out for its safety, innovation and quality of customer service. We implement and commercialize it, integrally managing the reservations through our specific software tool. It is a transversal tourist value in your area that will enhance other areas of interest, such as local products, or gastronomic experiences, but without limiting ourselves to them.

Signs with Alta Ruta de los Perdidos directions.

Do you think...

- In the human need to connect with nature.
- A mountain route is not limited to its touristic value, because it adds a human touch to the valleys, produces synergies between the local area, quality tourism, a loyal clientele and fruitful relations between the participating companies.
- Safety, innovation and quality customer service are essential in active tourism.

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We offer you...

Create a mountain route in your area that stands out for its safety, innovation and quality customer service. We implement and market it, integrally managing the bookings through our specific software tool.

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Who we are

We are "Feeling Nature", an agency specialising in mountain trekking and sporting events. We are restless and enthusiastic people, and we have more than 20 years of professional experience in the mountains behind us. In every step, from the very first moment, we have reflected our deep respect for the place and its people.

Since 2001 we have been managing the Bujaruelo Mountain Hut, making it one of the reference points for active and adventure tourism in the Aragonese Pyrenees and promoting synergies between local producers and quality tourism.

In 2010 we created the Alta Ruta de los Perdidos, with the certainty that people need great challenges, wonderful memories and to be able to connect with nature. This sets the bar very high when it comes to designing routes, and that is why we designed it with one maxim in mind: a route is only good if it is the best in the area.

We did this by putting safety, quality customer service and technological innovation at the service of people first. Thus, we have been pioneers in the use of geolocation devices. With them, we track in real time the groups that walk the Alta Ruta des Perdues with us, to guarantee their safety at all times.

Now that we have helped thousands of hikers to achieve their goals, it is even clearer to us: we need dreams to match the Alta Ruta des Perdues.

Group of hikers in front of the Bujaruelo Mountain Hut.

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